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About IOTA Guide

On a mission to raise IOTA awareness, educate developers in using IOTA and providing the ultimate online learning management system for IOTA.

Who is this for?

The main aim of this site is to get people involved with IOTA and to raise awareness. That means, guiding them through the basics of IOTA and introducing them to the technology. Converting first time users into IOTA wallet holders and active community members. The second aim of this site will be to bridge the steep learning curve into the IOTA protocol for developers with an aim of being a stepping stone onto the official IOTA developer course and finally achieving their official IOTA developer certification

How it works

IOTA Guide aims to use the basic principle style of Token Economy education to effectively drive awareness and development of IOTA.

Token economies are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and emphasize the use of positive reinforcement to target behavior change. Token economies help students to visualize progress, accept and work for delayed reinforcement, learn to self-monitor, and learn to regulate behavior.

The way this works is simple. Desired behavior will be rewarded.

Rewarded behavior examples

This list is not definitive and is subject to change as the site develops

Behavior Reward (IOTA)
User signs up and verifies email TBC
User promotes content TBC
User refers friends TBC
User completes test at each section end TBC
User downloads trinity and sends 0i transaction (a barcode and special message will be made for each user) TBC
User completes official IOTA Dev certification and provides certification hash for verification TBC
User subscribes to IOTA subreddit/joins discord etc... TBC

Avoiding abuse of system

The following steps are prevention of abuse of system measures. This list is not exhaustive and will change to adapt the usage of the site.

  • Sign up limit per IP Address
  • Timed awards between sections
  • Section tests to be completed before award
  • Minimum required cash out of reward
  • To avoid dead/temporary email accounts, email verification for cash outs
  • Promotion longevity greater than X days (avoids tweets and post deletion)