IOTA Wallet Balance Showing Zero
Zero Balance on IOTA Desktop Wallet

So, you have finally logged into your wallet after some time of not looking at it and to your horror the balance is zero. Sweat starts dripping down your face as panic creeps in the first thought you think is oh F@*!! I’ve been hacked!! You frantically run to the search engine of your choice or you write a hurried submission on /r/iota and constantly keep hitting refresh until someone replies and somehow you found your way here. Well.. Do not fear, this article will help you regain your lost IOTA Wallet Balance.

I should probably point out that there is a probability that you may have been ‘hacked’. If that is the case and you need to start again, follow our Keeping Your Seed Secure Using Cold Storage Guide

Remember that your IOTA are stored on The Tangle and providing your seed has not been compromised they are still there. So before you freak out, try the following things first:

Re-Attaching to the Tangle.

It is useful to know how many addresses you generated before your IOTA balance went to zero. It is not necessary but you will see why it will be useful at the last step

After updates, especially snapshot updates it sometimes is necessary to Re-Attach to The Tangle.

1) Click the Receive Button on the IOTA Wallet

IOTA Wallet Button for Receive
IOTA Wallet Receive Button

2) Click “Address Attached”

IOTA Wallet Button Address Attached
IOTA Wallet Address Attached

It will then change to a purple colour and the text will change to “Generate Address”

3) Click “Generate Address”

IOTA Wallet Button Generate Address
IOTA Wallet Generate Address

Now, it will change to “Attaching to Tangle”

IOTA Wallet Button Generate Address
IOTA Wallet Generate Address

When that step is complete it will turn blue again and show the message “Address Attached”

4) Final Step: Repeat

This is the section I meant when I said it would be useful to know how many addresses you have previously generated because you repeat this process for all the addresses. This can be a lengthy process, especially if you were 30 addresses plus.

If after all this your balance has not restored, move on to the next steps.